WoodWorking Machinery Supplier in China

LCNWOOD is one of the leading suppliers of woodworking machinery in China. They specialize in producing top-grade Plywood Machine, Decor Paper Hot Press Machine, and other Woodworking Machines. As a company with more than 10 years of experience in the field, they are dedicated to providing quality products and service that meet the needs of all clients. They offer a comprehensive range of products which includes high-efficiency plywood press machines, veneer splicers, wood saws and sanders to name a few. With their state-of-the art production technology & components provided by well-known international brands like Siemens & Schneider Electric, LCNWOOD Woodworking Machinery is able to provide customers with reliable & highly efficient equipment satisfying all safety requirements at competitive prices.

This section focuses on China being a major supplier of woodworking machinery worldwide. With modern technology and advanced machinery, Chinese manufacturers have been able to produce high quality and economical plywood, decor paper, blockboard, and furniture making machines for customers everywhere in the world. With its vast manufacturing capacity, reliable suppliers, and comprehensive after-sales services, China has become the preferred choice for woodwork machinery buyers around the globe. This section will explore how Chinese manufacturers are providing cost-effective solutions to plywood, decor paper, blockboard making machinery needs while understanding their considerations before investing in woodwork machines from one of China’s leading suppliers.


As the leading WoodWorking Machinery Supplier in China, we have been supplying high-quality machinery solutions to meet the production demands of furniture makers, plywood manufacturers and paper decorators from all over the world.

Our comprehensive range of products includes Plywood Machinery for veneer peeling, Decor Paper Machinery for decorative lamination, Blockboard Making Machinery for multi-layer board processing and Furniture Making Machinery for mass production. With our in-depth industry knowledge, efficient R&D team and dedicated customer service team combined together, we are here to provide you with all kinds of WoodWorking solutions to suit any application.

As a leading WoodWorking Machinery Supplier in China, our products are widely used for the manufacture of plywood, decor paper and blockboard-making machinery. We offer an extensive selection of machinery suitable for furniture making as well. All our machines are fabricated to the highest standards in order to ensure maximum efficiency and performance during operation. With years of experience and dedicated research, we are able to offer you reliable machines that can meet your production needs with great efficiency. Our well-trained technicians can provide prompt after-sales service and technical assistance so that you can rest assured that your time and money is safely invested.

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