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Bintangor Plywood – Commercial Bintangor Plywood

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Bingtangor Plywood Profile

what is Bingtangor Plywood?
you may call bintangor plywood exactly bintangor face veneer poplar core commercial plywood.also you can get the bintangor plywood with hardwood core.Bintangor (commercial name of Calophyllum), which sometimes wrongly spelled as Bingtangor , is a kind of red hardwood . Rotary-cut Bintangor veneers have beautiful grains . This’s why Bintangor is the usual face/back veneers of plywood . Bintangor plywood are suitable for furniture making and decorating because of good-looking grains . Usually, European and US buyers prefer Bintangor plywood of B/BB, BB/CC grade (or similar grade) . The face/back veneers of B/BB, BB/CC Bintangor plywood are clean and free of open defects . Bintangor plywood is a good choice for furniture making and decorating.


Bintangor Plywood – Commercial Bintangor Plywood


Additional information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 2440 × 1220 × 17 mm


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