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Birch Plywood

Our Birch Plywood has beautiful grains, excellent textures, and durable properties. This birch ply is supper flat and eco-friendly, meet E0, E1, CARB P2. Birch plywood is ideal for maki …



Birch is a kind of hardwood. Birch veneers have a good-looking appearance. So birch plywood has won good popularity in plywood market.

This Birch plywood can be divided into 2 categories as the following:

Category 1. Full birch plywood (i.e. birch throughout plywood)
Category 2. The Plywood with birch face/back veneers only, while the core of the plywood is not birch.

The quality of full birch plywood is very good. But the prices are very high. Full birch plywood is about two times as expensive as poplar plywood.

Plywood with birch F/B only is still of good quality . But it is very economical . The prices are about 30% less than the prices for full birch plywood .

Europe and USA/Canada import birch plywood in large quantities . The market demand for WBP full birch plywood is especially huge .

We export WBP birch plywood mainly to Europe .


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