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Full Birch Plywood (also called throughout birch plywood)

Offer full birch plywood / throughout birch plywood ,quality description/requirement,characteristic,application



1. Product Name: Whole birch plywood

Full birch plywood (whole plywood birch) (1). Face / Back: Birch
(2). Face / Back Grade: B / BB; BB / BB; BB / CP; CP / CP; C / C Russian Grade (C + / C; C / C; C / D; D / D; E / E US Grade)
(3). Core: Birch
(4). Original grade: AA grade, A + grade, A-grade
(5). Adhesive: MR adhesive, WBP (melamine), WBP (phenolic), E1 and MR adhesive, better E1 and MR adhesive, WBP (better E1 and melamine), WBP (better E1 and phenolic), E 1, E 2
(6). Size: 1220X2440 mm, 1250X2500 mm, 1500X3000 mm
(7).Thickness: 2.4mm-30mm
(8) .Packing: Standard sea packing.

2. Features full birch plywood

(1). There is a big difference between the birch face/batch prices of different grades. For example, B Russian grade face E is 4-6 times more expensive than the Russian grade face.
(2). The plywood is well sanded and very flat and smooth.
(3). The density of full birch plywood is much higher than that of poplar core plywood.
(4). Birch core veneers are all full piece core veneers.
(5). Internal quality is good and prices are much higher.

3. General construction/quality requirement of complete birch plywood

Customers usually need the following birch plywood:

SEQ No. FBP-1:
Full birch plywood, b / bb, bb / bb, bb / cp grade According to Russia’s grading system (or C + / C; C / C; C / D grade according to US grading system) birch F / B, a grade birch Core, WBP (phenolic) adhesive

4. Apply whole birch plywood

For an interior application such as high-quality furniture/roof panel/underlayment / sub-four; For an exterior application such as high-quality building materials/fences/markings and more.

5. The main market for full breech plywood

About 90% of full birch plywood is exported to the EU, USA, Canada; About 10% is exported to Africa, the Middle East, and other countries.


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