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Packing plywood is the cheap plywood for packing purpose. Our packing plywood are very strong, competitive and are the ideal packing materials for making packing boxes, crates, pac …



Packing plywood Cheap plywood for packing purposes. Our packing plywood is very strong, competitive and is the ideal packing material for making packing boxes, crates, packaging pallets, cartons.

This is the common use of plywood for use as packing material. As for packing plywood, the grade of the appearance of plywood is usually not important. To reduce the costs for packing, usually customers need a lower grade face / back veneer for plywood, but some customers can use beautiful plywood for packing. However, the packing plywood should be strong enough.

1. About wood on the face / back for packing plywood

Customers usually need the following face / back for plywood packing:
DBB / CC grade or UTY (Utility) grade red hardwood face / back;
C / C grade pine (or poplar) face / back;
C / C grade (also called E / E grade) birch face / back

2. About the core wood

The core wood can be poplar, hardwood or birch. But in my opinion, packers are much more suitable and economical than hardwood and birch for plywood. However, if customers want to use our wood or birch for the packing core, we will do it according to customer requirements.

3. About glue

If packing plywood is not used in a wet environment, then MR glue is fine. But if customers want better adhesive strength, melamine adhesive may also be your choice. Plywood packing may require some customer phenolic glue.

However, generally manufacturers will produce packing plywood to suit customers’ needs. Any inquiries from you are welcome.


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