Plywood Veneer Jointing Machine 1200*1000*900 MM

Plywood Veneer Jointing Machine 1200*1000*900 MM

Achieve a perfect trimming finish on all your wood panel projects with Plywood Veneer Jointing M from LCNWOOD. Our heavy-duty machine features peeling and jointing systems for all types of veneering, including shingling, book-matching, finger-jointing and more. Make quick and precise cuts with adjustable cutting depth and support for up to 700 cuts per minute. With Plywood Veneer Jointing M from LCNWOOD, you’ll have the confidence to create beautiful wood products with ease!

Enhance productivity and make perfect matches with Plywood Veneer Jointing M from LCNWOOD wood machinery. Our Plywood Trimming and Blockboard all Wood Panels are designed to perfectly join and shape plywood with ease. Enjoy working more accurately and quickly, for faster manufacturing and better finished products with Plywood Veneer Jointing M.

Additional information

Weight 900 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 90 cm
Overall Dimension


Max.working width


Working way

By chains

Total power





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Vendor: LCNWood Channa

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