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Poplar Film Faced Plywood

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Film faced plywood, poplar coretora E, Dynea or Snso brown film / imported film / black film, A/A grade,WBP glue, Size: 1220X2440mm, 1250X2500mm,625X2500mm,1500X3000mm, Thickness


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1.Product name: Film Face Plywood Perfect

(1). Color of the film: black color / brown color
(2). Grade: A/A grade, B/B grade, and Economical grade
(3). Origin of the film: imported film (Dynea brand or Stora Enso brand) / China local film
(4). Core: poplar
(5). Grade of the core: AA grade, A+ grade, A grade, B+ grade, B grade, C+ grade (don’t supply C grade)
(6). Glue: MR glue, WBP(melamine), WBP(phenolic)
(7). Size: 1220X2440mm, 1250X2500mm,1500X3000mm or as per your requirement
(8). Thickness: 4mm-30mm
(9). Packing: Standard seaworthy packing.

2. The characteristics of poplar film faced plywood

(1). the looks of A/A grade looks good. the looks of the B/B grade still look satisfying. the looks of economical grade are suitable.
(2). The poplar film faced plywood is extremely flat and smooth.
(3). The grade of core varies from high grade (A+ or A grade) to low grade (C+ grade). the standard of C grade core film faced plywood can’t be guaranteed, so we don’t supply C grade core film faced plywood.
(4). The poplar core veneers are often whole piece core veneers(A+ grade, A grade), medium-size core veneers (B+ grade, B grade) and little size core veneers (C+ grade).
(5). The inner quality of poplar film faced plywood varies from the highest quality to economical quality.
(6). A/A grade Poplar film faced plywood is cheaper than A/A grade birch/hardwood film faced plywood. So we will say that poplar film faced plywood is sweet quality and economical.

3. The common construction/quality-requirement for Film Face Plywood Perfect

Customers usually require the poplar film faced plywood because the following:


Film faced plywood, A/A grade, imported brown film, A+ or A grade poplar core, WBP(phenolic / melamine) glue

Film faced plywood,A/A or B/B grade, China local black (or brown) film, A+ or A grade poplar core, MR glue or WBP(phenolic / melamine) glue

Film faced plywood, economical grade, China local black film, B+ or B or C+ grade poplar core, MR glue

4. The application of poplar film faced plywood

Use as concrete shuttering form, building materials, for creating top quality furniture than on.

5. The staple market of poplar film faced plywood

About 60% of poplar film faced plywood are exported to Europe, about 40% are exported to the Middle East and other countries.

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Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 2440 × 1220 × 18 mm


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