Vertical Glue Mixer BY LCNWOOD

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The glue mixer machine is main equipment which is used to modulate the glue for plywood. Glue mixer is included into vertical glue mixer. The speed of glue mixer must be suitable. If the speed is more quick, the air can be mixer into the glue easily, the glue will have foam; if the speed is slower, the mixing is not averagely.

the speed usuallyt is 20-60r/min. The capacity of the glue mixer machine can be customized by your production capacity. The mixing capacity per cycle usually need to meet 1 hour production needs.

Specification                            Model 1
Barrel Diameter                   Dia.800x800mm
Machine Capacity              150KGS PER CYCLE
Motor Power                             3KW
Machine Weight                       100KGS

The working characteristics of the glue mixing machine are:

1. It only requires one person to operate simply.

2. Because the glue mixing machine is relatively small, its floor space will be relatively small.

3. It can quickly stir the materials evenly, and its cleaning is not difficult.

4. In about one minute, the materials can be mixed evenly, which takes a short time and saves our working time.

5. The glue mixing machine has the advantages of relatively low energy consumption and high efficiency. Moreover, it has extremely strong durability and rarely breaks down, so its service life will be longer than that of ordinary machines. 

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 800 × 800 cm

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