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Embossed Melamine paper

LCNWOOD have our own Embossed melamine paper .. please before to contact any trading Co. .. we are the best quality at market. and also competitive prices .. in LCNWOOD we are a huge group in linyi city …

Embossed melamine bloackboard – LCNWOOD

LCNWOOD have a professional workshop for embossed melamine paper pressing process on plywoods or bloackboard. In LCNWOOD you can find the real pefect and high quality 4×8 inch laminated on engineered Veneer in professional process. Thickness is more than 0.50mm with big 4×8 size 2500x1300mm to be cute after pressing on board. LCNWOOD we are

Film Face plywood – LCNWOOD

One/two used and pressed Finger jiont Film face plywood LCNWOOD Chinese manufacturer of Construction plywoods, black and brown for the real State and project management companies. 4×8 2440x1220x18mm size and thickness Hot selling & marketing plywood products.

Film Faced plywood

Film Faced plywood building construction plywood This product is one of our LCNWOOD factory most poplar products because we offer film faced plywood in so competitive prices and best quality. In LCNWOOD we have a lot of hot selling and regular products which we can suggest to you if you contact us now. We are

Full Poplar 8-10 time use Film Faced plywood – LCNWOOD

Because we believe that film faced plywood is one of the life basics products today like sand and metal, we give you good quality and so competitive price of film faced plywood boards which be used in construction and civil works.

Film Faced plywood – full Poplar LCNWOOD

LCNWOOD Linyi Chinese wood & building materials manufacturer and supplier – we are one of the rare Chinese best suppliers of building materials plywood. We are manufacturing building and construction plywood for real State and civil works, good quality one time press one time use plywoods, and also 8-10 time use full Poplar LCNWOOD black