The cold press is a necessary equipment in plywood machine. The machine is used to pre-press the glued veneer and to make it flat and stick together. The machine is suitable for pre-press process of making plywood, blockboard and decorative board.

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pecification                                    Model
Max. Pressure                                 80T
Dimension of the platen            1250x2500mm
Working Speed                              5.5KW
Layer Opening                              1000m
Cylinder Number                              2
Cylinder Diameter                      Ø110-70mm
Net Weight                                   3300Kg
Overall Dimensions               2860x1300x3400mm

Product Details

-Solid Structure
This table makes the pressure evenly distributed on the table surface, ensuring the flatness of the pressure surface for a long
time and improving the quality of processed products.

-Integrated Oil Cylinder
The integrated oil cylinder can guarantee the long time use without oil leakage, so as to achieve good pressure protection effect.

-Perfect Pressure keeping System
When there is no oil, the machine will stop running to avoid motor damage and other phenomena

Weight 3300 kg
Dimensions 2860 × 1300 × 3400 cm

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