Horizontal Veneer Slicer Machine BY LCNWOOD


It is mainly for slicing solid wood, engineer wood and other composite board, working efficiency is high, and veneer thickness is uniform.

It is widely adopt in decorative veneer of plywood, furniture, flooring, construction industry and so on.

Specification                                             Model 1                             Model 2                        Model 3

Max Cutting size of wood block                3000x520x725mm        3000x510x700mm        2600x1300x900mm

Blade Size                                             3000x200x20mm          3100x200x20mm            3550x200x20mm

Veneer Thickness                                     0.07-1mm                      0.07-2.0mm                     0.07-2mm

Cut Speed                                            18-22pcs/min                  18-32pcs/min                 18-32pcs/min

Main motor power                                     22Kw                              22Kw                              37Kw

Wood clamping motor                                3Kw                                3Kw                             4.3Kw (servo)

Feeding motor                                           4Kw                               3Kw                                  5.5Kw

Dimension                                        7584x3955x2640mm        7698x4152x2808mm           9000x4500x2800mm

Weight                                                      18T                                 19T                                     26T


1 Double V-chutes are used for both sides the machine, with high parallel; Special polymer wear-resistant material coated on the surface. Machine runs in higher stability and with less friction.

2 Serve motor control system is used fo, timber feeding, guarantee the veneer thickness in a high precision, avoiding blade scratch on the timber

3 Whole casted beam holds the log stongly. And hydraulic driven hooks clamp the log tightly and effectively Vacuum system is used inside the log beam. Helping hdding ttre big timber avoiding its deforming or dropping down duringg the cutting electric control

4 All switch button are gathered togeffierin cabinet Single person can operate the machine avoiding the dangerous caused by fault

5 Special designed big size driving gear runs smooffily with a low noi, e when it runs in high speed

Weight 18000 kg
Dimensions 7584 × 3955 × 2640 cm

Model 1, Model 2, Model 3

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