Specifications                                                      Model 1   

Machine name                                          : Panel Saw machine

Brand Name                                              : LCNWOOD

Model number                                          : LCN-MRS 650/1300

Dimensions of sliding table                        :  3200x390x190mm

Total Power                                               :  6.6KW

Main Motor Speed                                     : 6000 R/min

Conveyor Width                                        :  1300mm

Capacity                                                  : 800-1500PCS

Weight                                                    : 5600KGS

Board Stacking methods                           : Automatic

Specifications                                          : 18m/24m/30m/36m


  1. European standard by the ruler, the length of 1.75 meters, the maximum can be stretched to 3.4 meters. Precise positioning
  2. Humanized button design, increase electric lifting, Angle digital display function.
  3. Compared to the standard Aseries structure, an upgrade, the motor is not suspended on the work bench. This is more convenient for the maintenance and repair of the machine.
  4. Copper full power motor, full power, low noise, low failure rate.
  5. Increased oil lubrication, compared with the standard model machine work more fine.
  6. The relay adopts Chintbrand electrical appliances, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the circuit compared with the miscellaneous brand electrical appliances.
  7. Accessories include saw blade set, Angle ruler, tool, protective cover, push knife.
Weight 5600 kg
Dimensions 4540 × 3350 × 1480 cm

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