Core Veneer Paving Machine line BY LCNWOOD

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Plywood paving machine adopts hydraulic computer frequency automatic technology, also has the automatic program cutting function after formed. It is suitable for multi-layer board, building constuction plywood, furniture board, the advantage is to reduce costs, save materials, save labors, easy management, environmental protection, less noise and other advantages.

Overall Dimension                            2700x1150x1580mm
Cutting type                                           Saw/Blade
Total Power                                              13.5KW
Conveyor Width                                       1300mm
Capacity                                              800-1500PCS
Weight                                                   5600KGS
Board Stacking methods                         Automatic
Specifications                                18m/24m/30m/36m


Plywood paving machine is used for multi-layer plywood, construction plywood, furniture board, benefit is reducing cost, saving
materials, using less people, easy management, less noise…etc.
Plywood paving machine lets decking technology of artificial board have taken a step ahead . It can
be divided into the saw cutting and hydraulic cutting type , 5-100mm all problem.
It can be divided into 18m, 24m, 30m, 36m length and other specifications can be divided
into saw cutting and hydraulic cutting type.


Weight 5600 kg
Dimensions 2700 × 1150 × 1580 cm

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