Edge Trimming Saw BY LCNWOOD

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plywood edge trimming saw machine for making plywood sizer The plywood production line is a kind of artificial board which is used to spin the log into a single board, and then vertically aligned with each other in the direction perpendicular to the fiber direction. Plywood
is the ideal products are widely used in all kinds of furniture, office equipment, packaging industry exhibition.

Specification                                                   Model 1

Transversal saw cutting                               915-1200mm

Longitudinal saw cutting size                     1830-2440mm

Working speed                                           10-30m/min

Saw Blade Dimension                                    305mm

Total Power                                                 45.9KW

Dimension                                            8000x5000x1200mm

Weight                                                         5T

Working methods                    Full automatic(full infrared ray guidance)

Our edge trimming saw controlled by micro computer. The use of automatic stacking ,saving in labor and resources. Infrared control, high sawing preci-sion, small error ,high degree of automation, large output. The automatic saw consists of infrated positioning ,pre plate device ,vertical saw car ,sawn lengthwise dolly pressing mechanism ,sawn lengthwise car chain transmission part, a slitting saw head, crosscut frame ,crosscut car ,cross cutting saw head, crosscut car chain transfer part, automatic stacking device, the whole action controlled by the
PLC ,the realization of automatic cutting and stacking of the saw.


Weight 5000 kg
Dimensions 8000 × 5000 × 1200 cm

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