Automatic Edge Banding Machine (7 stages) BY LCNWOOD

Original price was: $8,200.00.Current price is: $7,800.00.

Minimum Working Length   :  (≥80mm )

Minimum Working Width :     (≥40mm )

Minimum WorkPiece Size  :   (80x40mm)

WorkPieceMachining Thickness :   (12-60mm)

Edge Band Thickness  :  0.4-3mm

Working Speed Model1  :  (18m/min )

Working air pressure   :  0.6Mpa – 0.8Mpa

Total Power :    ( 11Kw)

Equipment Size :   5200x900x1550mm

Net Weight :    1200kg


1- hight quality Touch Screen Control.

2-PremillingThe board can be pre-milled, making the surface of the board smoother and cleaner.

3-Gluing press and stick edge band

4- End Cutting.
5-Rough trimming If the side tape is thicker than 1.5mm, it needs to be equipped with
rough trimming function.
5- Fine trimming The edge tape can be trimmed into a beautiful arc(Optional pneumatic adjustable function).
6- Scraping( Optional pneumatic adjustable function).
Weight 1200 kg
Dimensions 5200 × 900 × 1550 cm

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