Automatic Edge Banding Machine (8stages) BY LCNWOOD For Sale

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Edge banders are the industrial grade machines that apply the edging tape to the raw edges of the wood panels with a hot-melt
adhesive or glue.

Minimum Working Length                    : ≥80mm

Minimum Working Width                      : ≥40mm

Minimum WorkPiece Size                     : 80x40mm

WorkPieceMachining Thickness             :  12-60mm

Edge Band Thickness                           :   0.4-3mm

Working Speed                                    :   18m/min

Working air pressure                            :   0.6Mpa – 0.8Mpa

Total Power                                         : 12.6Kw

Equipment Size                                  :   6680x900x1550mm

Net Weight                                         :  1980kg


  1. High quality Touch Screen Control.
  2. Premilling The board can be pre-milled, making the surface of the board smoother
    and cleaner.
  3. Gluing press and stick edge band.
  4. End Cutting.
  5. Rough trimming If the side tape is thicker than 1.5mm, it needs to be equipped with
    rough trimming function.
  6. Fine trimming The edge tape can be trimmed into a beautiful arc(Optional pneumatic adjustable function).
  7. Corner Rounding It can make nice arcs on the right angles of the board.
  8. Scraping( Optional pneumatic adjustable function).
  9. Polishing.
Weight 1980 kg
Dimensions 6680 × 900 × 1550 cm

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